Top 12 Best Lunch Box For Office In India 2022

1. Borosil - Glass Lunch Box Set of 3, 320 ml, Microwave Safe Office Tiffin | BUY ON AMAZON

  • Air-tight and liquid-tight containers
  • Easily stackable for convenient storage
  • Microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer proof
  • Colour: Transparent, Material: Glass

2. Signoraware Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Blue | BUY ON AMAZON
  • Stainless steel leak proof containers and compact size
  • Spill proof containers that keeps food fresh for hours
  • Ideal for office executives and school going kids
  • Unique insulated bag keeps food warm for hours

3. Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle - Black | 3 Stainless Steel Containers and Pickle Box | BUY ON AMAZON
  • Oliveware Premium Lunch Box is made using only the best quality materials that are European Food Grade Virgin raw materials and following the most stringent of international standards.

4. Signoraware Director High Borosilicate Bakeware Safe Glass Lunch Box Set | BUY ON AMAZON

  • Made of 100 percent borosilicate glass
  • Heat resistant up to 300 degree Celsius
  • Stackable and air/liquid tight
  • Microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe

5. Allo Foodsafe 310Ml X 3 Glass Lunch Box with Break Free Detachable Lock | BUY ON AMAZON

  • I AM AIRTIGHT- I protect your food from everything, making it taste like it has just been prepared by being 100 % Airtight.
  • HAND REMOVABLE UNQUE SILICONE RING- you can easily remove my silicone ring with your fingers to clean any stains on it.

6. Milton Executive Lunch Box Set of 3, Orange | BUY ON AMAZON
  • Freedom of carrying liquid dishes as containers are leak proof, so that you can carry a variety of food without the fear of spillage.
  • Containers are leak proof and one oval container is microwave safe without lid. It has a soft insulated outer jacket.

7. Home Puff Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Lunch Box | BUY ON AMAZON

  • Whether you want to pack delicious, hot soup for lunch or a cold, colorful salad to enjoy later in the day, this convenient double wall vacuum insulated - stainless steel food jar will keep your meals at the right temperature until it's time to serve. Its best tiffin box for Office

8. Cello Max Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box Set | BUY ON AMAZON

  • Air tight container that keep food fresh for long
  • Microwave safe (without lid)
  • Compact lunch box to carry meal
  • Freezer and dishwasher safe

9. Veigo Lock N Steel 100% Air Tight 2 Pcs Container, Pink | BUY ON AMAZON
  • MINIMAL PLASTIC CONTACT. Won't absorb flavours and odours like plastic. LeakProof & Airtight.
  • Compact and Sleek size fits easily in the briefcase,schoolbag or handbag.

10. Solimo Plastic Lunch Box with Bag, Set of 4 | BUY ON AMAZON

  • Durable material with heavy gauge PP+PE (254 gm)
  • Air tight with easy to use flexi lid mechanism

11. Asian Cromwell Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Multicolor | BUY ON AMAZON

  • Tiffin keeps food hot for long hours
  • Easy to carry
  • Air tight container that keep food fresh for long
  • Compact lunch box to carry meal

12. MARU Small Stainless Steel Lunch Box Tiffin Containers with Steel lids for Office and School | BUY ON AMAZON
  • The Lanch box has containers with Stainless steel lid which is airtight and leak-proof thus making the containers extremely durable and practical. This also helps keeping food fresh and saves food from spilling. Let's make the use of plastic as low as possible in our food.

Borosil – Glass Lunch Box Set Of 3

Our this product is made from a well known brand Borosil. Which is known for it’s Borosilicate glassware. Our this lunch box is also made from Borosilicate glass material. The company assures me customers about the quality of the product. They give guarantee that the product can withstand temperature of up to 300°C. The product is scratch resistant too.

In this pack of lunch box you are getting three separate containers. Which has air tight feature too that keeps your food warmer for long period of time. Due to airtight feature there is no leakage. These containers are stackable. These lunch containers are oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and even dishwasher safe too.

 The capacity of each container is 320ml.Precautions : For best results you have to preheat your oven before reheat your leftovers in oven or microwave. Do not allow to completely dry your food. Try to not put a hot dish on the wet or cold surface.

Signoraware Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set of 4

This high quality stainless steel lunch box set is made up of 100% food grade material. This company do not compromise on any health and safety standard. The high quality material do not leach into your food. Therefore you get Every time fresh hot and harmless nutritious food. These containers can intake the aroma of food for all day long. The lid of the containers are also made by 100% recyclable virgin plastic. Which makes the bowl spill proof and air tight too.

 This superior quality 0.5mm stainless steel inside out smooth mirror finish wall of the container makes these boxes sturdier and healthier. This leak proof airtight containers are consists of food grade silicon seal that lock the freshness and retain the moisture of food for hours. All containers are comes along with a easy to carry bag which is also very attractive. All containers are refrigerator and dishwasher safe too

Oliveware Teso Lunch Box With Bottle

This premium quality lunch box is made up with high quality food grade material that are European food grade virgin raw material. This set of lunch box is exclusively made for office going people and collage students. The specialty of this lunch box is to keep food and beverage fresh and crisp for hours. In this set of lunch box you are getting three set of steel containers set with a bottle.

 The size of steel containers are 1x290ml, 1x450ml, 1x600ml with one 1x130ml Plastic container complimentary for salad or chatni and 1x750ml stainless steel bottle with 1 fork and 1 spoon. All containers are come with a good looking bag which is very convenient to carry and easy to handle. These containers are spillage proof due to it’s air tight feature. These are freezer and dishwasher safe too.

Signoraware Director high Borosilicate Bakeware Safe Glass Lunch Box Set With Bag

This adorable Borosilicate Bakeware safe glass boxes are stylish and good looking. This set of glass lunch box is made up of 100% food grade glass. The lid of the containers are also made from 100% food grade plastic which is BPA free too. These containers are airtight which keeps the food and beverages fresh for longer periods of time. The containers are mess free due to it’s leak proof technology.. 

The containers are easily stackable. Which gives you convenient for storage. It also comes with a unique insulated bag which helps your food warmer for hours. The containers are absolutely safe for microwave, freezer and in dishwasher too.

Allo Foodsafe 310ml x 3 Glass Lunch Box With Break Free Detachable Lock

This lunch box is made from Foodsafe Borosilicate glass which do not react with food and serve you every time nutritious and healthier food. It also intake the aroma of the food which makes your food tastier. It’s leak-proof feature keeps your food stuff totally mess free. It’s all parts are detachable. The specially designed silicon ring can be removed easily by hand. Which maintain the hygiene of the container. 

The latches of the lid is also detachable which makes the container long lasting. These containers are microwave,freezer, fridge and dishwasher safe too. These containers can also be cleaned with damp cloth by single wipe. This marvelous set of lunch box comes with good looking bag too which makes it more beautiful and handy. The premium silver inner cover of the bag keeps your food fresh for hours.

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